Chili Powder - 2.5oz - Good & Gather™

L 62.47


  • Chili powder makes a great spice rack staple
  • Adds a touch of heat to any dish
  • Great in marinades, sauces, on meat and more
  • Kosher


    If you like spicy food, Chili Powder from Good & Gather™ is a must on your spice rack, adding just the right amount of spiciness to all your favorite dishes. This ground chili powder instantly kicks up the heat in any dish you add it to. Blend with minced garlic and lemon juice to make a delectable seasoning blend for meat or fish before putting it on the grill, or keep things easy by just sprinkling a little bit on simple dishes like scrambled eggs, avocado toast or mac and cheese. In addition to its flavor, it also adds a nice color and aroma to your food.