Hot Fire Roasted Pepper & Habanero Salsa - 16oz - Good & Gather™

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If your spice preference is "the hotter, the better," you'll love topping off your favorite dishes with Hot Fire Roasted Pepper & Habanero Salsa from Good & Gather™. This spicy salsa is made with tomatoes, onions, roasted red bell peppers and garlic for savory flavor, with roasted jalapenos and dried habanero and chipotle peppers adding an exciting amount of heat. Use this habanero and roasted pepper salsa to top off your usual tacos and nachos, or mix things up and put some on your scrambled eggs, in your chili or even on your grilled cheese for bold, spicy taste. This salsa is made with no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Every product that carries the Good & Gather™ name starts with quality ingredients that deliver great taste, making it easier for you and your family to eat well, every day. We promise you’ll love each bite, or your money back.