Downy Fresh Protect with Febreze Odor Defense Laundry Scent Beads for Washer, April Fresh, 20.1 Oz

L 628.45

Downy® Fresh Protect™ April Fresh with Febreze™ Odor Defense™ In-Wash Scent Beads (30.3 oz) will have your clothes smelling wonderful. It's easy to use by just placing some of the crystals inside of your washing machine.

Why Use Downy Fresh Protect April Fresh with Febreze Odor Defense In-Wash Scent Beads?
It offers 24-hour odor neutralization to keep your clothes smelling clean and fresh. Treating your garments with Downy Fresh Protect causes the fabrics of your laundry to be filled with motion-activated fresheners that activate with movement. It knocks out odors no matter what you're doing. This bottle of Downy beads has a pleasant April Fresh scent. It's also compatible with HE washing machines.

Is Downy Fresh Protect April Fresh with Febreze Odor Defense In-Wash Scent Beads a Fabric Softener?
Downy Fresh Protect isn't a fabric softener, but it can be used with Downy liquid fabric conditioners. It's safe to use on all fabrics, colors and loads. Downy Fresh Protect can also be used with detergent for an additional boost.

Neutralize Odors
Acting like a deodorant for your clothes, Downy Odor Defense activates as you move, making it ideal for your workout gear. Use it with Downy Fabric Conditioner Refresh & Protect™ for even more odor prevention.

Simple to Use
Just add the Downy Fresh Protect beads into the washer drum before place your clothing inside, and start the machine. It's also easy to measure how much you need for your loads. A half of cap will give you everyday odor protection while a whole cap full will give you maximum protection. This Downy Odor Defense comes in a convenient 30.3 oz. size that's easy to store in a cabinet or shelf in a laundry room.
  • Can be used in all washing machines, including HE
  • Keeps clothes smelling fresh for
  • Activated with motion, odor neutralization provides 24-hour protection
  • Use Downy Odor Defense with Downy Fabric Conditioner Refresh & Protect for even more odor prevention
  • Febreze Odor Defense keeps clothes smelling fresh
  • Motion-activated odor neutralization provides all-day protection
  • Easy to use in your washing machine
  • Use with Downy Fabric Conditioner Refresh & Protect for more odor prevention
  • Compatible with HE machines