Ginger Miso Orange Dressing - 12oz - Good & Gather™

L 158.00


  • Ginger miso orange dressing adds zesty flavor to your salads
  • Made with no synthetic colors or artificial flavors
  • Pairs well with medium-weight greens, bitter greens and vegetables
  • Description

    Give your salads a zesty touch when you top them off with Ginger Miso Orange Dressing from Good & Gather™. This flavorful dressing is made with the flavors or orange, ginger, miso and sea salt for bold taste you'll love — and it contains no synthetic colors or artificial flavors. This miso, orange and ginger dressing pairs particularly well with medium-weight and bitter greens, but is also delicious on cooked vegetables. Toss with bitter greens, mandarin oranges and crispy chow mein noodles for a tasty salad, or use as a glaze on grilled fish.

    Every product that carries the Good & Gather name starts with quality ingredients that deliver great taste, making it easier for you and your family to eat well, every day. We promise you’ll love each bite, or your money back.


    Contains: Eggs, Soy