Ground Nutmeg - 0.9oz - Good & Gather™

L 115.00


  • 0.9oz ground nutmeg provides a perfect amount for your pantry
  • Warm spice flavor with a hint of sweetness
  • Great for use in a variety of sweet or savory recipes
  • Kosher, ground and ready to use for added convenience


    For a flavorful addition to a wide variety of recipes in the perfect size container, add Good & Gather™ Ground Nutmeg to your pantry. This 0.9 oz container of ground nutmeg is conveniently ready to use with no microplaning required, and it will add rich, warm flavor with a hint of sweetness to many of your favorite recipes. Use a touch of nutmeg to liven up the bechamel in your favorite lasagna recipe, or to add depth to roasted meats or vegetables for a hearty fall dinner. You can also add this ground nutmeg to a variety of seasonal desserts and beverages, from apple and pumpkin pie to chai tea or mulled wine.