Nonni's Almond Chocolate Biscotti (unidad)

L 22.93


Nonni's Almond Chocolate Biscotti are made with Real Semi-Sweet Chocolate (55% cocoa) & California Almonds. It's an indulgent treat that you can feel good about. Now With 33% More Almonds! Nonni's Almond Chocolate Biscotti are great with coffee, tea, ice cream or by themselves. Each cookie is individually wrapped to ensure consistent quality and freshness.


Nonni's® Almond Chocolate Biscotti is an indulgent snack that you can feel really good about serving to your family and guests. Originating in the town of Lucca, Italy, it is still made today from the original family recipe. Each of these delightful artisan-baked Italian cookies is made from only the finest ingredients like fresh eggs, sweet creamery butter, real Semi-Sweet chocolate and crunchy California almonds.