Rubbed Sage - 0.65oz - Good & Gather™

L 178.00


  • Rubbed sage makes a great spice rack staple
  • Aromatic sage has a delightfully earthy flavor
  • Great for anything from cornbread to veggies to poultry and more
  • Lighter and less concentrated than ground sage
  • Kosher

  • Description

    You can't go wrong with Rubbed Sage from Good & Gather™ when you're looking to add to your spice a rack a seasoning you're sure to use again and again. Sage is aromatic with an earthy flavor that makes it a great accompaniment to an array of dishes. Add some to cornbread or stuffing for extra warmth, incorporate into a vegetarian lasagna with squash and goat cheese, or use it with rosemary and olive oil to season chicken or fish. Lighter and less concentrated than ground sage, rubbed sage is a great pick for a more subtle sage taste, or you can use it as a substitute in recipes that call for ground sage by doubling the amount called for. However you choose to use it, you'll love the delicious flavor it adds and the way it brings out the other flavors it's paired with.