Steak Grilling Spice - 3.4oz - Good & Gather™

L 100.00


  • Steak seasoning blend makes a great spice rack staple
  • Seasoning mix is a combo of salt, black and red pepper, garlic and paprika
  • Adds great flavor and texture to grilled steak or veggies
  • Kosher


    If you're an avid griller, keeping Steak Grilling Seasoning from Good & Gather™ on your spice rack is a must. This steak seasoning is a flavorful combo of salt, black pepper, red pepper, garlic and paprika that'll give your grilled meats a taste that's sure to delight. The seasoning is also great for creating a crust on meats or veggies for a palate-pleasing texture to take things up a notch. In addition to grilling, this seasoning can also be used for regular cooking, tasting great mixed into homemade mac and cheese or an omelet.